Black is White

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Black is White

Black? Yes, because most whitening pastes contain chemical bleaching agents. Or have emery particles in them: bye-bye enamel. In contrast, "Black Is White" toothpaste contains activated carbon. So it is black, truly black and, above all, it does not grind the enamel away. Instead, the activated carbon absorbs precisely those particles that cause discoloration, especially tea, coffee, nicotine and red wine. Is Black Is White "enamel-friendly" in that case? Let's just say this: If it only could, it would snuggle up to tooth enamel.

But it can! This is because the hydroxylapatite in Black Is White actually does snuggle up to the tooth enamel as a thin film. As a result, it protects the enamel and even fills in small holes. So our whitening toothpaste is exactly the opposite of other whitening toothpastes: in fact, it's quite helpful. In addition, Black Is White is slightly cooling; and a physical blue filter makes the teeth optically even whiter.

Typical Curaprox: everything is included that you would expect from a Curaprox toothpaste: double protection against tooth decay from the sodium fluoride and its enzymatic system. Hydroxylapatite. RDA approximately 50. No SLS. No triclosan. No bleaching agents.
Made in Switzerland.