CMP 202 Medical Pacifier

Size 2 / from the 8th month

There is no better way of avoiding long-term consequences such as crossbite, forced bite or protruding teeth except for dispensing with a pacifier altogether. The special shape of theCURAPROX pacifier means that you can safely leave your child to suck. Developed by orthodontic specialist Dr. Herbert Pick.

Monopack pacifier with ribbon (CMPH 202)



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Standard pacifiers often result in occlusions and jaw deformation: they exert strong pressure on the roof of the mouth. This pressure is intensified by the vacuum created by suction. With a CURAPROX pacifier, the roof of the mouth develops without any pressure and no vacuum is created. CURAPROX pacifier ensuring sucking without pressure: the best conditions for the ideal, natural development of jaw and teeth.

  • Safe: All CURAPROX baby products have been developed with the help of experts and children’s dentists 
  • Permit a playful approach: our products are soft and non-toxic, without any risk of injury 
  • Effective: our baby products fulfil their intended purpose 
  • Developed by dental specialists
  • 1 Pacifier with ribbon